3.0 – Beta Testing Is Here!

Yes, Christmas in July is real this year.

As you all know, work on the new website has been going on for quite some time now. With the hard work of James, Kolby and (a bit of) myself, we are pleased to announce that we are nearing completion – and now, we need some help making sure everything is up and running perfectly.

Like bugs? Want to use the new WinnipegFIR site before everyone else? Want to help the staff find bugs so we can promptly squish them with small, bug-sized boots? Now’s your chance.

Send me an e-mail ([email protected]) with a short note about what you could bring to the party. We’ll only need a few people, so apply quick before time’s up!

Thanks again for all your help – we can’t wait to show off the brand new website in the near future.

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