3.0 – Rosters

In what may very well be the final blog update about the new website, let’s take a look at rosters (and a somewhat re-designed main navigation bar!)

First, the rosters – they’re clean looking, easy for staff to adjust, and the ratings auto-update every night!

Hey, that’s pretty cool.

And, because Kolby is a total nerd and wanted to prove that he’s a good web nerd (and then had Andrew Ogden help out finishing it up), when you click on any controller’s CID, you can see a small version of their profile! It displays their bio, staff role (if applicable), rating, current certifications, recent connections and time on the network. Neat.

The website is NEARLY done. Like, really nearly done. We’re working on some final touches and the FIR will be voting to release the website fully! A huge thanks to our Beta testing team for their help in breaking (and in turn, helping to fix) things.

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