3.0 – Live Launch Updates

This is where you’ll find all updates from the Winnipeg FIR team about our launch of the new Winnipeg FIR site. If this is your first time here, feel free to take a look through our recent posts showing some of what the new site has to offer!

0000z – The website is live.

2328z – The website has been fully tested and is ready for release in 30 mins.

2026z – We are now testing the new website for errors.

1628z – After a night of sleep, the website has been migrated over, and we are now in the process of testing the website, and ironing out any bugs prior to release.

0250z – We have began the process of migrating from our old WordPress site to our new, fancy Laravel site. All systems are go. This will take a day. If you’re a Winnipeg controller and require something that was on the old site, please contact one of the FIR Staff members on our Discord or via email.



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