WPGCore v1.1: Changes

Version 1.1 of the WPGCore is now available to the public – here’s a taste of what’s new.

Bugs Squashed:

  • Cannot delete confirmed event controllers
  • Website showing page title as “[Title] – WinnipegFIRWinnipegFIR”
  • When editing events, photos cannot be uploaded without an error or 404 redirect
  • Link URLs pulling from APP_URL in .env
  • Homepage metadata fixed to display properly in search engine
  • All pages needing descriptions for SEO fixed
  • Other small bug fixes

New Features:

  • Admin File uploader added, replacing Image uploader
  • Feedback submitted made editable before posting to public if needed for grammar/clarity
  • Brand new homepage with user-submitted photos as splash
  • 1Winnipeg Training (CBT, Exams & More) system created
  • Training page added, showing estimated wait time for students and a live wait list (pulling from CBT)
  • Controllers can now see who is controlling what position for all events

Find any new bugs on the Winnipeg FIR site? Send them to our webmaster!

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