WPGCore v1.2: Changes

Version 1.2 of the WPGCore is here! – It’s full of changes, big and small – here’s what we’ve been working on.

New Features:

  • The 1Winnipeg Training System Completed – Exams, Modules now functional
  • Instructors can now request a Solo Certification through each student’s individual page (through 1Winnipeg)
  • METARs on homepage now display “OUTDATED” box if the weather has been out for over the standard 1 hour
  • Notification System introduced on Dashboard to alert to exams available to be written or modules able to be completed
  • “Join Winnipeg” page updated to be easier to read and navigate
  • Many lists in staff sections made searchable (eg. adding students to roster now searchable/sortable by CID or Name)
  • Dashboard is now “dark mode” – also some style changes here & there to make things simpler and easier to use

Find any new bugs on the Winnipeg FIR site? Send them to our webmaster!

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