WPGCore 1.2.1 – Changes

We’ve released a small update to the WinnipegFIR.ca website – here’s a few of the things you’ll notice:

New Features:

  • 1Winnipeg has been removed from the navbar, and the name removed from most places on the website – we are transitioning to VATCAN’s training options on their website, making this more obsolete. Staff still have access to the system if needed.
  • /index – a few small cosmetic updates (and a new merch banner featuring #Zeck!)
  • /dashboard – cosmetic updates to events cards, training and some spacing fixes.
  • /instructors – a new page dedicated to listing the FIR’s instructors/mentors and their specialties. Can be accessed from the Staff page button for now. Instructor and Mentor data moved to the page, naturally.
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