This is where you’ll find all updates from the Winnipeg FIR team about our launch of the new Winnipeg FIR site. If this is your first time here, feel free to take a look through our recent posts showing some of what the new site has to offer!   0000z – The website is live.   […]

So, here’s another thing done: Events! This one took a lot of tweaking, but we’re now happy with it. Here’s a preview of an upcoming event in Winnipeg, Jamie’s S2 OTS! P.S., make sure to share on Reddit

Turns out, we were right. An issue with the mail server has now been fixed (Thanks James!) and the application system is now back up and running. Thanks for your patience everyone!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we broke it. Well, it broke itself, to be honest. We’re currently experiencing issues with the forms on the website. This may be due to an issue with our mail server, but we’re not 100% sure yet. Will be updating here when we figure out what decided to stop working!

So, the secret’s out – the Winnipeg FIR Team is working on a new website. The new will be home to a lot of less bugs (which, we love), as well as more features to make students, controllers and staff’s lives all easier! The website was built off the CZQO Core, with many upgrades

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