WPGCore v1.1: Changes

Version 1.1 of the WPGCore is now available to the public – here’s a taste of what’s new. Bugs Squashed: Cannot delete confirmed event controllers Website showing page title as “[Title] – WinnipegFIRWinnipegFIR” When editing events, photos cannot be uploaded without an error or 404 redirect Link URLs pulling from Read more…

WinnipegFIR.ca 3.0 – Rosters

In what may very well be the final blog update about the new WinnipegFIR.ca website, let’s take a look at rosters (and a somewhat re-designed main navigation bar!) First, the rosters – they’re clean looking, easy for staff to adjust, and the ratings auto-update every night! Hey, that’s pretty cool. Read more…

WinnipegFIR.ca 3.0 – Events

So, here’s another thing done: Events! This one took a lot of tweaking, but we’re now happy with it. Here’s a preview of an upcoming event in Winnipeg, Jamie’s S2 OTS! P.S., make sure to share on Reddit

Applications are FIXED!

Turns out, we were right. An issue with the WinnipegFIR.ca mail server has now been fixed (Thanks James!) and the application system is now back up and running. Thanks for your patience everyone!