From the Bottom of My Heart…

Thank you. It’s never easy to announce I’m stepping down from the job I’ve held for five-ish years now, but here we are. I hope you have a minute to spare for a little read.

I’ll get right to the point – I’m resigning from the position of Winnipeg FIR Chief, effective today. Tavis Harrison will officially take the reigns as Interim FIR Chief as well, while the VATCAN division begins its search for the next person to hold the Chief position. As I resign the Chief position, I’m pleased to share that I will attach myself to a new title – VATCAN5, or the Division’s Communications & Events Director. Fun fact – this is a job I’ve actually held before – way back in 2016.

There’s a million things I could say about my time in Winnipeg. I originally took on the role of Chief in April 2019. Back then, we had a couple members. We were the division’s smallest FIR. But we liked it that way. And we never really changed that feel amongst our membership. Despite the fact that Winnipeg is now home to over 50 amazing people, we’re still the heart of Canada’s aviation. We’re still the funny, quirky little FIR that everyone loves to see online and active. And that won’t change, no matter who’s at the helm.

I’ve had the privilege of having a handful of terrific staff help me get the Winnipeg FIR to where it is today. It all started with Ethan Mason and Kolby Dunning, the first to jump onboard and help start building up Winnipeg, develop a brand and become who we are today. Their work, despite not necessarily being visible at the surface now, is the reason the FIR is as successful as it is. Alongside them, I’ve had many other names who have worked tirelessly. My staff today that I leave behind in Ryan, Tavis, Kathryn and Dylan, joined by Ethan and Kolby, are all incredible people who know what they’re doing. I would have never taken a job that would require me to step down from this position if I didn’t know with one hundred percent confidence that Winnipeg was in the right hands. But it is. And with the staff here, the amazing controllers, pilots and students who make Winnipeg what it is, I know things here will be okay.

So, besides stepping down, what does this mean for me as a Winnipeg member? Well, simply put, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll still be around, controlling, instructing and helping out wherever I can, just with the VATCAN maple leaf logo next to my name now. No matter what my title is, make no mistake – I’m a Winnipegger. Family.

With all the love I can possibly express in words to the Winnipeg FIR, and the VATCAN Division HQ – my new residence.