Hello, I’m Dylan!

As most of you know by now, I have accepted the position of Winnipeg FIR Chief. I’ve been a member of this FIR since November 2021. I never thought that in[…]

From the Bottom of My Heart…

Thank you. It’s never easy to announce I’m stepping down from the job I’ve held for five-ish years now, but here we are. I hope you have a minute to spare[…]

The Winnipeg FIR & GCAP

As some of you may have noticed over the past year or so, the VATSIM network has been hard at work creating a brand new document.

WPG365 Update #7: Tower & Advanced Tower Courses

On November 15, the Winnipeg FIR began its phased launch of Winnipeg365. So far, we have been extremely happy with the feedback we have received, with students feeling more confident showing[…]

WPG365 Update #6: Initial Launch

This is the day – the first stage launch for Winnipeg365! As we release our new student and S1 programs, here’s how this will affect everyone – conveniently sorted by your[…]

WPG365 Update #5: S1 Beta Testing

It’s a big news day today, as the FIR training team is pleased to share that we have met our first goal date for the release of Winnipeg365 – and the[…]

WPG365 Update #4: Nearing Release!

For those of you who have been keeping up on our WPG365 updates – thank you for your patience! We’re excited to share some big progress updates here in update four.

WPG365 Update #3: Staffing Up

It’s been a few weeks since we last updated progress on Winnipeg’s online training system – so, here we are! Ready to announce some exciting updates.

Winnipeg AIRAC Update 2306: The Big One

Friends (and Tim), This blog post is one I’ve been excited to write for almost a year now… but now, it’s finally time. AIRAC 2306 sector files are now valid and[…]

WPG365 Update #2: The Curriculum

It may have only been a couple days since update number one, but we have plenty to share, and don’t want to keep it to ourselves – so that being said,[…]