Hour Logging Doubling

Our web team is aware of and investigating an issue with hour logging on the WinnipegFIR.ca website. It appears as if the hours logged are double the actual number.

UPDATE 10/26/2021 @ 2300z:

We’ve implemented a fix for the issue and are now monitoring the hour logging system for further.

RESOLVED: WinnipegFIR.ca Login Issue

We’re currently looking into an issue that is preventing some users from logging into the main WinnipegFIR.ca website. Stay tuned here and in the Winnipeg FIR Discord for updates.

UPDATE 10/10/2021 @ 0100z:

We’ve identified the problem and are working hard to push an update. The issue appears to be related to the VATSIM Connect end of the website.

UPDATE 10/10/2021 @ 0138z:

The issue has now been resolved. Thank you all for your patience!

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