WPG365 Update #7: Tower & Advanced Tower Courses

On November 15, the Winnipeg FIR began its phased launch of Winnipeg365. So far, we have been extremely happy with the feedback we have received, with students feeling more confident showing up for training sessions. In fact, instructors have seen a noticeable increase in student preparation when conducting initial training sessions!

If you’re not familiar with Winnipeg365, it is our new training platform that lets students take charge of their training and complete modules at their leisure. The major goal in these courses is to reduce the time required for instructors to cover the basics during initial training sessions. Instead, they can jump right into a Sweatbox session or even a live network session. You may be thinking: there are already Computer Based Training (CBT) modules available on the VATCAN website, so what’s the big deal with these ones? Well, these courses are much more involved and specific to the Winnipeg FIR. The courses all culminate in final exams that truly test a student’s understanding of the material, not just their ability to search through a slideshow and copy information.

During the last month, the Training Development Team has been working hard to prepare the Tower and Advanced Tower courses. These courses were much more challenging to develop since the scope of Tower training is vastly wider than Clearance Delivery and Ground. However, our team stepped up to the challenge and delivered amazing courseware that we think you will enjoy. As you may have noticed, there is so much Tower material that we had to divide it into Tower and Advanced Tower courses!

With the release of these courses, the Training Development Team will retreat back into the darkness and continue working on our radar courses. There’s so much material to go through that we’ve divided that curriculum into 4 (yes, four!) courses including Introduction to Radar, Departure, Arrival, and Terminal. We can’t wait for you to see those. We don’t have a timeline for those courses just yet, but you can expect to hear from us in the new year.

Once again, a massive shoutout to the Training Development Team (Nate, Tavis, Kathryn, Katherine, Ethan, Justin, and Tim) for all their hard work.

We’ve made WPG365 easy to access – you can find it at training.winnipegfir.ca, or on the WinnipegFIR.ca website, under the “Training” section of your Dashboard.