WPG365 Update #4: Nearing Release!

For those of you who have been keeping up on our WPG365 updates – thank you for your patience! We’re excited to share some big progress updates here in update four.

Hey Winnipeg, What’s the Big Time Rush?

The rush is to make sure we make our initial deadline, that’s what! As you may remember from our previous update, our goal was set to have our initial onboarding and S1 programs ready for testing by November 1st – we’re pleased to share that we are making great time for this goal! As we’re writing this post on October 24th, our training development team is finalizing the minor details now – course graphics, ensuring every module is in the right spot, etc. We’re even able to share a small preview of the training website for the first time! Take a peek:

Well golly, that’s an awfully nice looking site, if we do say so ourselves. It’s worth noting that on initial release, only the Initial Onboarding and S1 programs will be available. While we have commenced on things like Radar and En-Route courses, that’s a project for the future.

All In The Name

Last update, we mentioned that we were on the hunt for a new name – and as you may be able to tell, we found one! Winnipeg365 (or, WPG365 for short) makes plenty of sense, quite frankly – training available any day, with no need for managing individual schedules. We’re excited to share more details on the courses, as well as inviting members of the FIR in to help our team test the program before our release to the public – stay tuned!

One More Thing…

Our web team is always hard at work making sure the WinnipegFIR.ca website is the most helpful, easy-to-use and navigable website – and as we approach the release of both WPG365 and in the new year, VATSIM’s new Global Controller Administration Policy (GCAP), our website will be undergoing some small updates to ease in the transition – expect some nice additions to our training webpages, including details on how students will make their way through training, where to find items when first joining Winnipeg, and more! Like with WPG365, we appreciate your patience as we work on this (and we always welcome feedback!)