WPG365 Update #3: Staffing Up

It’s been a few weeks since we last updated progress on Winnipeg’s online training system – so, here we are! Ready to announce some exciting updates.

Leadership Changes.

After completing tons of work getting our online training up and running, our original team, consisting of some staff and members of the Winnipeg training team alike unfortunately had to step back from this project, for a multitude of reasons. The main one is simple though – this is a huge undertaking. And while we’d love to release our online training system to the public yesterday, we know everything needs to be perfect. So, we are moving forward with an exciting new core team to work on the system.

Dylan Oakes has graciously agreed to take on the lead role in this project. Those of you who control or fly in Winnipeg probably know Dylan already – one of the FIR’s fantastic instructors, complete with real-world experience and plenty of time controlling on the VATSIM network. But Mr. Oakes isn’t working alone – the FIR is also pleased to welcome Justin Martin and Karl Sawatzky, two of Winnipeg’s most senior and most qualified instructors, to the training development team. With the combination of network time, industry knowledge, and just plain smarts, we truly believe this is a dream team to work alongside the FIR’s staff team to make this dream come true.

So, When’s The Release Date?

Great question! We’re happy to share a tentative release schedule. Keep in mind this all depends on all our tech working out perfect, our training being reviewed, checked and double-checked, as one would expect. That said, here’s the game plan as of right now:

If there are issues found with something in the system (eg. logins not working, programs not being assigned correctly automatically), release dates will be pushed ahead by 15 days by default to allow for proper fixes. So in this case, should there be issues causing a delay on the November 15th release date, the date will move to December 1st. We will, of course, update on this progress as we continue working on the system. Oh, and one more thing – this system still needs a name! If you have any fun ideas, let us know in the Winnipeg FIR Discord!