WPG365 Update #5: S1 Beta Testing

It’s a big news day today, as the FIR training team is pleased to share that we have met our first goal date for the release of Winnipeg365 – and the platform has officially entered beta testing.

“With Winnipeg taking this step towards an improved training system, we look to be a pioneer to improved training not only within Winnipeg but the rest of the network as well. WPG365 allows for much more meaningful training sessions which provides faster training overall. The training provides a constant reference point for student to look back on at any time and to continue their learning at any point.” – Kathryn Dudeck, Chief Instructor

For those who haven’t been following along – our goal from the start of this project was to have the FIR’s S1 and initial entry programs completed and ready for beta testing by the 1st of November. Here we are, and indeed, the courses are complete and in testing! A special thanks to the members of the FIR who have reached out to assist with this testing.

“Winnipeg365 is more than just a student training platform. It is a knowledge base that any controller, from S1 to I3, can benefit from. For new students, they will see an accelerated path to reaching the network. For instructors, they will see students who will be ready to connect to the live servers as early as their first session, which is almost unheard of today. With WPG365’s scalability, controller development doesn’t have to stop at the C1 level. Instead, courses can be created with the help of local Subject Matter Experts to further develop the knowledge and skills of fully qualified controllers.” – Dylan Oakes, Training Development Lead

A reminder of the release schedule, now updated with the November 1st date complete – keep your eyes out, as we will announce soon the full release, and an updated timeline for things like S2 programs and visiting controller courses!

“This project moving into Beta is a huge development. This not only has been years in the making and been a dream come true but is a real advancement I am very excited with the progress and advancements made. With this WPG365 going into beta we are just one step closer to achieving a new training system that sets us so far ahead of the rest. Since 2019, Winnipeg has always been a leader into training techniques and methodology. This is just another demonstration of that.” – Ethan Mason, Assistant Chief Instructor

“The progress we’ve seen on this platform’s development has truly been exceptional. From little things like making sure web configurations are all ready to go, to course content being hand-written from the ground up. There’s so many moving parts in this project, and I’m so proud of our team on all the work they’ve put in – and continued to do. This is just the start of something amazing.– Nate Power, FIR Chief