WPG365 Update #6: Initial Launch

This is the day – the first stage launch for Winnipeg365! As we release our new student and S1 programs, here’s how this will affect everyone – conveniently sorted by your status in the FIR. Take a read!

If You’re a New Student:

You should have received an email by now with instructions on how to get set up. Once you create an account, you will soon be assigned to your first set of courses to get you started! Most students can expect to be assigned the Software Setup, Introduction to Aviation, and Introduction to Air Traffic Services courses. However, depending on your background, your course assignments may be different.

For Current Students:

You should also have received an email with instructions on setting up your WPG365 account. Depending on where you are in training, you have either been assigned the course to be completed, or simply granted access to the course material for reference. If you want to be assigned an exam for a position you’ve already started, please let an instructor know!

For C1+ Controllers:

You will benefit from Winnipeg365 as well! Therefore, please check your emails. While we don’t have any course offerings for you yet, we will have some specialty controller development courses soon. Therefore, I highly recommend that all controllers create a WPG365 account. As a qualified controller, you will have access to all course material for reference.

No Matter Your Rating:

These new courses are a step above the traditional VATCAN Computer Based Training (CBT) modules in terms of depth and difficulty. Please note that the exams now contain written responses that require manual grading. While the questions may seem daunting, they are not to serve as a barrier to getting on the network. Instead, the questions were crafted to invoke critical thinking instead of just testing your ability to search for an answer in a slideshow. That said, don’t stress about grades. Your instructors are aware that the goal is to get you on the network in your new position as soon as possible and they are not gatekeepers. The instructor grading your exam will provide meaningful feedback and, as always, will be available to answer your questions as you progress through your training.

I anticipate that everyone will find WPG365 to be a fantastic resource. I would like to thank the Training Development Team that has worked hard to make this happen on time – Nate, Tavis, Kathryn, Ethan, Tim, and Justin. Also, a thanks to our beta testers, who worked hard to find the flaws in our pre-release versions – Adam, Justin, and Aspen.

If you have not received an email, please reach out to me on Discord (dylanoakes) or by email to [email protected]. Make sure to check your junk mail, as unfortunately the VATCAN domain gets incorrectly flagged.

We’ve made WPG365 easy to access – you can find it at training.winnipegfir.ca, or on the WinnipegFIR.ca website, under the “Training” section of your Dashboard.